Grey tonal sketching is all good and well but with they greyness and gloom of January behind us, lets look to a brighter pallet. When we carefully observe any given object we see it filled with colour. The artists observes, edits and distills what she or he sees and selects what to record.
Mixed media is a great option to execute vibrant drawing. Coloured pencil, alcohol based illustration marker and gel pen are my current favourite mixed media combination. There are 8 coloured pencil blending techniques. I will go through these in detail in the class. Coloured drawing can be enhanced by mixing your media. Again I will break these techniques down into steps for you to add to your sketching repertoire.

Shape and proportion are the fundamental foundation of drawing. When you have learned the various ways to use these colour blends you can incorporate them into your line drawings and bring your draftsmanship to life.
New term starting 07th of February 2017.