Your #drawingchallenge:

Complete 26 drawings in 26 days. A new drawing video will appear on my YouTube channel each day for 26 days. Each drawing will take approx 20 minutes to complete.

Each video will be how to draw an animal, one for each letter of the alphabet. This is inspired by one of my favourite artists from history Rosa Bonheur. 

Draw along with these Youtube videos each day and post your artwork to social media using the hashtag #drawabcanimals so I can see them. I will award prizes to the best artists. Those who complete the most drawings are also in with a chance of a prize. Will you get one drawing complete each day for 26 days? I think you can do it.


How to Draw ABC Animals is an initiative by artist and art teacher Sheila Flaherty in response to the school closures and  COVID19 prevention social distancing. It aims to help parents/ guardians have relaxing, enjoyable art activities for their mini Michelangelos to complete at home. Sheila will post daily drawing videos. These videos are completely free of charge, free to use and share. 

I realise so many of you are staying in to help curb the spread COVID19 and thanks to your DM’s and emails, I have put together these art videos in response. Stay well and stay safe.

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