Welcome to Art Academy.
I have been getting some enquires about what we are working on at the minute at Art Academy and what to expect when attending.
What we are currently working on is realism, representational drawing from a primary source using mixed media. Focusing on techniques to observe and record reflective surfaces. This is a mixed media drawing and painting project. I’ll post some examples below.
During the classes the techniques are broken down into a simple step by step processes. All materials are explained and provided. Everyone can work at their own pace.
It is important to note that all levels of artistic experience are very welcome. Some artists like to be challenged and push to excel their work, others prefer to simply enjoy a relaxing evening of art in good company. It is a small, friendly, group on the Tuesday evenings, so it allows for an individual approach. I hope this helps. As always give a shout if you have any questions.
There are 8 spaces left available on the Tuesday evenings at 7.30-9.30
Contact sheilaflaherty2002@yahoo.com | 087 7201717