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Da Vinci Box – Sketching


Everything you need to elevate your sketching skills.

Materials: pencils, sketchbook, drawing materials, electric eraser, blending stump, eraser, earaser, derwent, van gogh, fred, art materials, Art supplies, notebook

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Everything you need to elevate your sketching skills because at Art Academy we believe that you were created to create. Inspire your inner artist with Da Vinci Box: Sketching

Contents include:

  1. Artways gorgeous leather bound sketchbook. I keep one in my bag. The pages are off white and the perfect shade and texture for sketching.
  2. Derwent battery operated eraser. A personal favourite hero product. Fun to use and great for getting those sharp highlights in your drawings.
  3. Blending stumps, easily the most underestimated, hardworking drawing tools.
  4. Derwent sketching pencil pack, the essential pencil values.
  5. Da Vinci Box sticker to customise your sketching books, pencil cases etc 6. Just for a giggle the Earaser from Fred to “Gogh and Earase your mistakes”


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