Create your own beautiful Venus Goddess painting with Da Vinci Box: Goddess. Access to your step by step online art class included with your purchase. Everything you need to make the painting is included in the box. Delivered to your door for convenience. Enjoy access to a step by step online tutorial showing you the skills you will need to make this and any future paintings. Plus a step by step video, that you watch anytime, as often as you like. Create your own Goddess master piece from the comfort of your own space because at Art Academy we believe that you were created to create.

Contents included:

2 x canvases (13 x 18cm) One canvas for the painting techniques part of the online art class and a second canvas to go with the create your masterpiece part of the step by step online painting tutorial

Black and white acrylic paint

Da Vinci Box Value Tester

Painting palette

Paint brush


Tracing paper

Template and reference photo

Access to your online art tutorial included with your purchase. Here you will learn the fundamental skills you need for painting and a step by step tutorial to creating you own Goddess master piece. You have full access and can watch and create whenever it when it suits you best.

Happy painting


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Access to your step by step online tutorial included with your purchase


*Goddess vase for illustration purposes only, not included in the box

*NOT INCLUDED Apple iMac image used for illustrating the online tutorial only

Allow extra delivery time in the event of potential pandemic related delays with An Post

contents may vary