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Da Vinci Box – Charcoal


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The best charcoal products in one handy bundle. Charcoal is the medium of the great Masters.

Materials: fixative, fixative sparay, drawing supplies, charcoal, sharpener, nitram, artists tools, art tools, artist, illustrator, drawing, sketching, create,

12 in stock

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The best charcoal products in one handy bundle. Up your drawing game by trying charcoal, the medium of the Masters. We cut to the chase for you by curating the best in charcoal: Da Vinci Box: Charcoal

Contents include

  1. Nitram charcoal. Nitram is Martin spelled backwards. It was named after Martin Gros the original charcoal producer. Nitram produces less dust, is easy to erase and sharpen to a finer point than other charcoals and it’s gorgeous to use.
  2. Nitram sharpening block for sharpening your charcoal to the finest point.
  3. Putty rubber or as some call it a kneaded eraser. Great for lifting off excess charcoal and doesn’t create eraser crumbs like traditional erasers.
  4. The Da Vinci Box branding sticker
  5. SpectraFix Fixative. This is a game changer, I have been using for years. A little pricier than other fixatives but well worth the extra spend. It’s a casin recipe based on that used by Impressionist painter Edgar Degas. There are no toxic fumes so it’s kinder to the environment, your art and on you. Allow for delays with postage due to COVID


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