After School Art Club | Art Academy | March 2021 - Art Academy

After School Art Club | Art Academy | March 2021


Art Academy After School Art Club. Weekly online art classes every Wednesday for 5 weeks during March 2021. Suitable for artists aged 5-16 years



Online After School Art Club | Van Gogh inspired

Weekly Art Classes |  Every Wednesday | March 2021

Enjoy learning about famous artists from history and creating your own masterpiece inspired by the greats.

Art Academy is taught by NCAD qualified, Garda E-Vetted art teacher and practicing professional artist Sheila Flaherty.

For artists aged 5-16 years

Wednesday March  03rd 2021 – Wednesday March 31st 2021 for the 5 week online art club

New pre- recorded online art classes each Wednesday from 3pm – 4pm GMT


Q. I have more than one artist at home, do I need to book them in separately to the Art Academy’s after school art club? 

A. No. A flat fee per household applies. If you have 2 siblings or more joining us you only pay once. €55 for weekly after school art club art classes every Wednesday of March. 5 weeks of one online art class per week in total

Q. Wednesdays don’t suit me, can I do the class on another day?

A. Yes, absolutely. A new class goes up every Wednesday at 3pm but you can view and take the class at any time or day after that. So it can work around your schedule.

Q. What artist are we studying in March?

A. SPOILER ALERT. Skip to the next question if you’d like it to be a surprise. ………This March we will look to the works of Vincent Van Gogh for inspiration with particular reference to his self portrait and cypress trees.

Q. What age group are the classes suited to?

A. There will be two levels of online art classes available to choose from. Level 1 is for artists aged between 5-9 years old. Level 2 is for artists aged 10+ and will be a more advanced class. Even if you have not painted or drawn before both levels will be fully broken down into easy to follow steps to make them accessible to all. Art Academy online art club will show you all the tips and tricks behind creating your very own master piece.

Q. Are the classes on Zoom?

A. No. All of the art classes are pre-recorded and made available on Each Wednesday a new class appears at 3pm. After booking you will be given a link to the page and a password.

Q: What if I miss a class?

A. No problem. You can watch a recording of any Art Academy, online art club, art class once it’s posted even if you are late / miss a day. Each Wednesday a new art class appears up on on our password protected page.

Q. Will my artist be seen on the recording?

A. No. All classes are pre-recorded to protect your artist.

Q. What materials will I need?

A. A materials list and online art class link will be issued well in advance of the art club. For your convenience we have a limited number of art camp materials packs that you can purchase here Make sure you order  a minimum of 7 working days before the start of your art camp/class. We are not held liable for postal delays.

Q. Can we see each others finished artwork?

A. I would LOVE that. If you are comfortable to share your master piece once it’s complete, sign your work (so you can recognise it) and email a photo of the artwork (but not of the artist) to After the camp I’ll make an online art gallery to display your gorgeous paintings.

Any further questions get in touch

I’ll look forward to seeing all of your beautiful master pieces.

Have a lovely day,



Image ref: Van Gogh images from Google Arts and Culture. Other images from previous Art Academy art camps



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