Make The World’s Easiest Impressive Gold Prosecco Bottle Painting

If the last time you made a painting you were still in a school uniform Da Vinci Box is here to bring a bit of joy to your lockdown. This painting looks very impressive when it’s finished. When you are shown the secrets and tricks to achieving it, you’ll realise how easy and enjoyable it is to make professional art.
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Prosecco not included :-(. Art materials only

Step by step tutorial



Art Academy Online Master Class: Introduction to Artemisia Gentileschi PART II: Graisille

Hi wonderful artists,

Well done on todays class. Above is a video for you as a reference. Below there is an image of the two groupings of light and shade blocked in as a reference.

We can draw parallels between Artemisia Gentileschi in her lifetime and the modern day recording artist Taylor Swift.

I have included  videos at the bottom of the post of her music video The Man and the making of. Both women have brilliance in common, success from a young age, fame and media attention both good and bad.

Both are arguably the best in their area of creative work, have created a huge body of work, constantly creating, are renowned for their beauty, relevant to the time they lived in and have had their personal lives scrutinised.

Both have constantly had to reinvent themselves and are both feminists. In the sense that they believe and are public and courageous in their feeling about all genders being very valuable.

Both have had to defy gender discrimination. Artemisia of course famously said “I will show you what a woman can do”.

See you next week and looking forward to it,


Sketch of the under painting for our master piece, master copy: Saint Catherine of Alexandria by Italian Baroque artist Artemisia Gentileschi. The basic values are divided into two parts. The lighter values are in one group and the darker values in another. 

We can draw parallels between Artemisia Gentileschi in her lifetime and the modern day recording artist Taylor Swift.