Invite to Art Academy Easter Camp via Zoom

Hello Art Academy artists,
I hope everyone is holding up ok. Of course we have no art camps until further notice. I miss my lovely artists. In the meantime however I am putting together an online offering for you, my Art Academy artists. So that you can continue your wonderful art, at a time when it is needed most.
This is my first shot at a Zoom class so please be patient and bear with me. I’d love for you to join through Zoom. There is no payment for this class. If all goes well, and if you really want to there will be a chance to make a donation. Let’s see how we go.
The Zoom Art Academy Easter camp will run from Monday 6th – Thursday 9th | 11am-1pm each day.
You are invited to a Zoom Art Academy Camp
When: Apr 6, 2020 11:00 AM Dublin – 1pm Monday -Thursday
Register in advance for this meeting:
After registering, you will receive a confirmation email containing information about joining the meeting.
Materials list:
You may or may not have everything on this list but don’t worry
Ideally for this art camp you will need:
white and black acrylic paint,
A selection of paintbrushes in various sizes, large for painting the ground and small ones for details
paper towels,
an artist’s palette and
2 canvases. The canvases I will be using are 40cm x 50.5cm but use what you have.
I realise that most of the art shops are closed at the moment. have advised me they are delivering but there is a delay. So use what you have at home. Canvas or wooden panels are best but If you’ve run out of canvas, you could paint on a cardboard or paper surface. If you’ve run out of white paint use the lightest colour paint you have in place of white. Of course protect your furniture with table covers and wear clothes and shoes you don’t mind getting art on. *Terenure Office may have art supplies to deliver to you
If you have any questions about materials or in general feel free to reach out.
I look forward to seeing you on Monday and creating some art together.
Kindest regards
Sheila Flaherty
Da Vinci Box Owner and Founder

Art Academy 

Online Art Classes to Help Make COVID19 Lockdown Easier

Requested by the parents of my lovely art students, I am making some online art tutorials. Share with those parents/guardians who need some activities while staying home.
What would you think about a different video each day? I can arrange a competition for those who have completed all the drawings? Maybe a prize for the best artists? What do you think?
TAG #drawabcanimals on social media, I’d love to see your drawings

Art Academy is Excited to Announce a New Home

At Art Academy we are excited to announce our shiny, new home at the Education and Research Centre, Harold’s Cross. This is where we will host the Halloween / Midterm Art Camp 2019.

It’s a really nice building on the grounds of Our Lady’s Hospice. We’ll be in “classroom 3’ or as I prefer to call it Art Studio 3.
The entrance is across the road from the post office / St Clare’s School in Harold’s Cross. Enter through the main gates of Our Lady’s Hospice on the Harold’s Cross Road and proceed for 200 meters, the Research and Education Centre is on your right passed the carpark. Parking is free.
For more details on location:


We are fully book this year but will announce a new schedule for 2020.


2019 Mid Term Break / Halloween Art Camp 🎃

Art Academy is excited to open for booking:
2019 Mid Term Break / Halloween Art Camp 🎃

10-2pm each day | Mon-Fri | 28/Oct-01/Nov | 6-14 years | 12 artist places available| Dublin 6w location

Kindly share/tag for those who have an artist/s in their lives.

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Drawing tutorial: How to draw a cartoon lion.

Like to draw a lion? Check out:
If you would like to draw a lion, watch the video above and draw with me. It took me 3 minutes to draw the outline in marker.
TOP TIP: I like to draw the outline first in pencil. That way if I make a mistake, I can simply erase it. When I have all of the out lines drawn in pencil, then I take a black marker and go over these lines. Afterwards I take my time and enjoy colouring in my artwork. I hope you enjoy drawing this lion too. Which animal would you like to draw next?
Some of you know this from Art Academy’s Summer camp but for others: Did you know the famous french artist Rosa Bonheur learned the alphabet as a child by drawing an animal for each letter of the alphabet? One of her many favourite animals to draw and paint were lions. What is your favourite animal to draw?
#drawing #howtodraw #lion #childrensart #drawing #tutorial

How to Draw ABC Animals

Hi there,

How are you? I’ve been playing about with stop motion video editing and I’m excited to share something I’ve enjoyed making. If you’d like to watch a video tutorial on how to draw the cute Daisy below click here