Celebrate Upcoming National Draw Day on the 16th of May 2020 with Art Academy

Hi all. Sheila is my name. I am an art teacher www.artacademy.ie National Drawing Day is coming up on May 16th in association with International Museum Day 2020. The National Gallery of Ireland have been in touch about celebrating it with Art Academy. What would you like?

Maybe a Facebook LIVE on how to draw from scratch? An eBook? A YouTube video? How to draw a portrait? How to blend coloured pencils? Something else? Let me know in the comments or DM

How can we best celebrate drawing in a way that works for you. Let me know? Sheila #NationalDrawingDay #nationaldrawingday2020 National Gallery of Ireland

National Drawing Day 2020 in association with International Museum Day (18th May) is coming up on  16th of May organised by The National Gallery of Ireland.



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