Get the Best Art Materials for Your Masterpieces

I’m really enjoying trying and testing all potential Da Vinci Box art supplies at the moment. As some of you may know I have an art materials subscription box cooking, where only the best art materials make the cut. I love having an arsenal of great art supplies to hand to keep me motivated and creative. Soon you can have them all and have them delivered too. Every month a new box of creative treats. Little sneak peek in the images below of my favourite art treats at the minute.

On another note I am trying out Tik Tok. Very addictive. See what you think of my videos so far: @sheila_artist and @da_vinci_box

Sweet Dublin’s Life Exhibition

Excited to take part in Sweet Dublin’s Life exhibition tomorrow night. Curated by Chiara Rucks with a group of artists celebrating Dublin and set in a Brazilian chocolate factory it promises a lovely night.

Sweet Dublin’s Life Exhibition tomorrow night.  : hashtag events hashtagartexhibition  

Below I can share a little sneak preview of the painting I’ll include. The National Gallery is my personal sweet spot in Dublin. What do you love most about Sweet Dublin Life?

Celebrating Dublin Though Art in a Brazilian Chocolate Café – Join us, Monday 6th of Jan 2020

The National Gallery of Ireland I can reveal as my Sweetest Thing About Living In Dublin. I love to and often spend an evening there sketchbook in hand in the company of the great Masters, letting them teach me. (In fact the Dublin Sketchers will be along on Sunday for those who would like to join)

I’m excited to exhibit along side some wonderful talent on Monday as part of the Sweet Dublin’s Life Exhibition curated by Chiara Rucks. I was included in the group of artists (other artists are from Brazil) who were invited to share what they love about Dublin though their art.

The exhibition takes place on Monday the 6th Jan in Bragadeiro’s chocolate cafe at 7 -9pm. You are welcome to join us and cheer up a dreary Monday with an evening of art celebrating Dublin.

The Wrestlers, oil on canvas by Sheila Flaherty

The exhibition is attended by illustrator Renato da Cunha, photographers Hélio Araújo and Hugo Vasconcelos and painter Sheila Flaherty.

Monday 6th January | Bragadeiros, Frenchman’s Lane, Dublin 1 | 7-9pm | Sweet Dublin’s Life | Curated by Chiara Rucks | Featuring art by Sheila Flahertyand others | All Welcome
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