ReNAILissance with Tropical Popical at The National Gallery of Ireland

The eternally creative   Tropical Popical    nail bar have teamed up with The National Gallery of Ireland for an art exhibition with a difference. Rather than on canvas, these creatives have made tiny finger nail sized master pieces. I popped into their opening this evening and enjoyed a fun night of NGILates. Thank you to the guys at NGIEducation and Tropical Popical for the postcards for my dream team at Art Academy, the most creative kids in Ireland. I feel they will be even further inspired by this exciting work.



Sighting of a Pride of Lions in Harold’s Cross, Dublin

Phew, it’s just a bunch of 7 and 8 year olds making their block-ins, ahead of creating their Mastercopies of 19th Century realism art.  The painting’s are starting to look so real you would be forgiven for thinking these were real lions. 
The artists are studying the work of world famous artist Rosa Bonheur.  Rosa Bonheur was a french artist and her largest and most famous work can be seen in New York’s wonderful Met Museum. We do however have one of her paintings here in Ireland, a beautiful painting of a stag (the animal not the pre-wedding weekend away):

Before teaching at Art Academy this morning, I had a lovely morning of yoga with Sarah Shannon Yoga . You’ll see if you scroll down to the end of the post, that now Sarah Shannon Yoga seems to have some competitors who have copied her business model. 😄

They are planning a website for this venture at #Coderdojo

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