Dublin’s Secret Graffiti Park


NYC watch out, Dublin has street art to your rival. It’s fun, it’s free and it’s awesome. This Easter Egg holiday, check out the street art at the Tivoli Carpark, that doubles as a street art gallery. It’s really fantastic and Dublin’s best kept secret.

Each year the best graffiti artists from Ireland and abroad  come to cover the walls in a day long jam including street art and street culture such as skating, bmx, mc’s and rapping. This year the All-City Jam will take place in the Tivoli Carpark on Saturday the 10th of June between 10am -6pm. Don’t miss it. I will certainly be there to check it out.

Located just beside the Tivoli Theatre, where Francis Street – a wonderland of antique shops, galleries, curiosities and cafés in itself – meets Thomas Street of NCAD fame. Include Vicar Street and you have mecca of artistic, creative and theatrical wonders all in one area.

But you don’t have to wait until June 10th to enjoy the graffiti. I recommend a fun and inspiring (careful stroll, it’s a carpark, don’t get run over) stroll though this colourful wonderland. Every area is covered in exceptional street art. And on a giant scale. It’s just fantastic. Afterwards retire to Manning’s Bakery and Café around the corner for tasty salads, baked goods and a big cup of tea to discuss your day.

Enjoy your Easter.


The video is available for your viewing pleasure at https://vimeo.com/134724118

Dan Leo’s piece currently on show at the Tivoli Carpark. You can see more of his work here

You can find more Odisy Vibes inspiration here.  The car in this photo will give you an idea of the scale of this artwork.

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