Life Casting with Alginate

Today I was making some life casts using alginate. This process is great for picking up very fine detail when life casting. It details skin textures  and even finger prints.

I’ll be showing technique this at my Tuesday evening art classes. If any art teachers are interested in learning the technique, let me know and I can arrange a demonstration for you before my art class on a Tuesday.

Using an empty diet coke bottle (1.5 litre) I took a mould of my hand using alginate. Alginate is commonly used in dental practice. I filled the mould with prepared casting plaster. A fine and watery solution to pick up all of the detail.

When it was set I removed the outer plastic casing.

And started cutting away the alginate to reveal…

…the plaster cast hand inside.

Taking extra care around the thumb and tips of fingers.

 Every fine detail of your skin is shown.

  Even the details of the knuckles are evident.

This is ideal for a subject matter for cast painting and drawing.

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